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Traumatic Brain Injury Care


Your loved one may have a head injury because of a vehicle accident, fall or stroke. When an injury happens to this crucial organ, it can affect multiple areas of a person’s functioning. Considerable recovery is possible, but it takes significant time, understanding and rehabilitation.

At Tranquility, even the most severe cases of TBI can benefit from person-centered care provided by our team of professionals.  We work to help patients recover to their highest level of functioning and independence.

Tranquility plans care based on the needs of each individual because no two people with TBI experience the same symptoms.  Our service is one-on-one, with ample time provided daily for therapy. Therapy includes the latest technology that helps your loved one recover.

While vehicle accidents are a primary reason brain injury occurs, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), falls are the leading cause of brain injury. Motor vehicle accidents are a close second, followed by other non-vehicle related blows to the head.

The CDC reports that over 1.7 million people sustain a brain injury every year in the United States, with men being more likely to sustain a brain injury than women.

Where and how the brain is injured influences what symptoms your loved one will experience. For example, if the injury is in the frontal lobe (the area closer to the forehead) the injury could affect the emotions and behavior, imagination, intelligence and other thought processes.

If the injury is in the back of the head, the brain stem and spine could be affected. This area controls basic survival functions, like breathing, heart rate or the ability to use the extremities – the arms and legs.

For the resident coping with brain injury caused by a stroke, we focus on improving the ability to independently eat, dress, groom and bathe. We work on the patient’s speech and language, balance and coordination, swallowing, memory and judgment, self-image and other psychological adjustment needs.

Trust our professional and trained staff to provide the highest quality of care possible.

Family Atmosphere

 “At Tranquility, we find ways to make our patients as functional and as independent as possible.”

- Amie Curry, Director of Therapy